How we are different

Let’s make travel fun again

Travel can be an exciting and wonderful thing. But when you run it through a process, even the best locations can end up being a bore. Changing that approach would infinitely complicate a travel company’s job but it would also offer its customers a holiday that transcends expectations. This is where we excel.

We are not about reducing the magic of a destination into a few bullet points and then ticking them off. We don’t even start with our destination. Instead, we start with you.

It’s as much about you as it’s about the destination

Our plans are built around interests and desires. If you love beach we have plans that focus on beaches. If you love train travel, we have mapped a plan that takes you through Sri Lanka by train. If time is short but money isn’t, we will fly you there. Really, it is about you. And when we know enough about you (and that’s as simple as answering a few questions), we plot out plans with our expert and intimate knowledge of the destination and craft a travel plan that is in tune with your interests, personality, pace and budget.

Foozoo Features

We have identified unique experiences for almost all our destinations. These maybe as simple as cooking a Sri Lankan meal with a local family or fun like dressing up in Kandyan attire when in Kandy for a photo shoot. All along the way, we incorporate authentic Sri Lankan experiences and our Tour Managers will explain the significance or the silliness of them to you as you go on. These Foozoo Features are mostly unique to us in their concept and execution.

 Multiple options to choose from

We offer three types of travel plans. These are short tours of a day or a few days for those who are time poor or passing through and have a few days to spare. There are package tours we have developed based on numerous interests and timelines. These package tours can be general ones that allow you to discover Sri Lanka as a destination or specific ones that focus on one or few aspects of the destination. And we have bespoke plans that are built from beginning to end, in collaboration with you.

 Multiple price points and comfort levels

Our tours are most often available in 03 price points. These are standard, Deluxe and Indulge. A standard package is comparable to 3 stars or less while Deluxe will vary between 3 stars to 5 stars. Indulge will almost always include 5 star to boutique type accommodation and services. However please note that not all destinations in Sri Lanka have developed to a state of uniformity. Certain locations may have a very few number of properties to choose from or may not have sufficient hotels in the price category you seek. In such instances, we will incorporate lesser value hotels with necessary adjustments in price. At every point you will be kept informed.

A Holiday

It’s as much about taking a break,

as It’s about discovering new places.