A real-life and ongoing, true story.

Two guys and a Prius

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, two guys met up on a dating app. And as the months became years, they spent their weekends travelling through the island in their Prius. Both of them loved meeting new people, sharing ideas and becoming a part of a global community by mixing and mingling with fellow travelers both at home and overseas. This gave the boys, Dinesh & Damith, the idea of opening their own home to travelers as a bnb! The rest is history.

Since then, their long-time friend, Bjoern, joined the duo and formed Foozoo Infinite. Together the trio are constantly designing, developing and expanding their travel business.

The three of them draw on their own unique stories. Dinesh a consultant creative director/writer, Damith a passionate eco-crusader and Bjoern an arts and culture professional bring in the magic that lights up every experience with Foozoo. It is a desire to make a lasting impression in the heart, mind and soul.

A journey of inclusivity

Foozoo has a unique meaning to the boys. One that means whoever you are, whatever you believe in, wherever you come from, you can join our crazy journey and leave all the pride, prejudices and hate behind. A journey of human spirit and love.


Cover Story: Picture of the living room of our first Foozoo in Colombo 08. We took over a run-down house and converted into what became our first B&B.