Everybody's Welcome - Authentic and Sustainable Travel to Sri Lanka

Our heart is in travel.

Travel is our passion and we consider it a privilege to be able to define it according to our own philosophy. Our business has two distinct branches; travel accommodation, managed under the Foozoo Infinite brand and travel experiences managed under our Foozoo Travel brand. Both of these seek to offer authentic and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka.

Travel has made our world a better place. The more people explore, the more people see and understand. Unfortunately this is not true of all travel. Most travellers stick to the known destinations, visit the same popular attractions or engage in activities that harm the environment and communities. We hope to change that by enabling you to discover new destinations, experience them authentically and be both inspired and moved by it all. It is about the bigger picture and the magic in the detail.

Authentic and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka – unique plans built around you

Our plans will therefore showcase the must see sites but bring them alive in novel ways. Or we may take you on a completely different route. It all really depends on what you seek on your holiday, your own mental plans and who you are as a person. This is why our plans take time out to involve you in the tour designing process. The result is a travel plan that is intimate and close to what moves you and less of ticking the boxes. A plan that is filled to the brim with what we call Foozoo Features; unique local and authentic experiences we have specially crafted around the places, communities, your desires and interests.

We do all this in a way that considers the effects of travel on the very places we show off. Or the people and communities involved. Each of our tours are therefore analysed for its positive or negative impact and measures are taken to make it a win-win for everyone involved. This is why you will not find certain tourist attractions or experiences offered by us. But you may also find novel new experiences or partnerships and collaborations with numerous other earth-friendly, sustainable and socially conscious partners.

That’s not all. We are also a travel company that is built on diversity. So the owners, staff and partners represent humanity in all its beautiful and fragmented awesomeness. We are gay, straight, disabled, of various ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds. We subscribe to many diverse opinions but we will always be inclusive and accepting. Hence our tagline ‘Everybody’s Welcome’. Come travel with us and be inspired.

Visit our tours section to browse through some authentic and sustainable travel plans to Sri Lanka.

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Travel for a better world

While travel has its negative footprints we believe it should be encouraged for a better world. One in which we see and understand each other and take back a message of togetherness and humanity.

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Sustainable Travel

At every turn, in every experience, in who we work with and how we work, sustainability stands at the heart because the only world we will be proud to travel in is one we are proud to showcase.

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Mission & Values

To bring the world together through travel and enhance the quality of life of every living being.