Local ingredients and fantastic combination of flavours as

Foozoo Kitchen offers a Vegan Food Menu in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Foozoo chain which runs Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo in Colombo as well as Weligama by Foozoo in the south have opened up a takeaway dining menu. Featuring some of the best Vegan Food in Colombo Sri Lanka. Vegan Food menu Colombo.

the Foozoo Kitchen Vegan Menu in Colombo, Sri Lanka specialises in local ingredients sourced from local markets as supporting local businesses is a key principle at Foozoo. The food features a delightful combination of flavours like roasted coconut, grilled Tofu and the fascinating Mushroom Ambul-Thiyal.

They also offer their hit, polos cutlets. Foozoo Kitchen says that their Polos (tender jack fruit based) items are the best selling. With the wild rice options featuring traditional ‘Sunwandel’ and ‘Kuruluthuda’ rice varieties also becoming a fan favourite.

Foozoo kitchen also uses Goodfolks.shop products to add flavour and variety as that brand offers produce sourced from Sri Lankan small businesses.

Next time you are in Colombo or passing through, make sure to give Foozoo Kitchen’s Vegan Food Menu in Colombo Sri Lanka a try.

Vegan Food menu Colombo

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Official Website: https://www.foozooinfinite.com/

Our two properties in Colombo have been open right throughout the Pandemic. And we have served quite a few guests out of a desire to be helpful and available. The initial stages were particularly difficult for a lot of visitors to Sri Lanka because there were a lot of new rules and they were ever changing. But in the process of helping out a few tourists and having provided care to an even smaller number throughout the crisis, we have learned some valuable lessons that easily make us one of the safest properties in Colombo both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are the steps we take at both Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo and have been drawn up after working with local authorities, law enforcement officials and public health inspectors. Of course these may change from time to time. Some requirements and practices maybe relaxed while new ones may be introduced. So do check with us.

1. Background check on each guests travel records. You will need to speak to us directly on +94717174444 or +94112507270 or email us through contact@foozooinfinite.com and let us know the duration of your stay. We encourage longer stays because that minimises the level of exposure with the premises. We will also check your recent travel history and ensure you are not from an area that has been under enforced lockdown.

2. You will also need to confirm if you or a loved on or any persons you have recently associated has been in quarantine or poses a reason for concern.

3. We will then record your contact details (so that we can always trace back if needed) and confirm your booking.

4. On arrival you will be required to use the hand-washing station and wash your hands and the soles of your footwear before any further interaction with staff or fellow guests.

5. Masks are mandatory within the property. A complimentary mask is provided free to each guest at check in. Hand sanitisers and hand washing liquid is available throughout the property.

6. After clearing formalities you will be checked in to your room. At this point we deem that you are covid19-free assuming you have been genuine with the information provided. But standard social distancing practices and precautions are encouraged during your stay.

7.  You can order from the in-house kitchen where supplies are sourced through non-contact means. The interactions between those within the premises and those outside are maintained to the minimum possible. This applies to everything from utilities, maintenance services, breakdowns and general deliveries. All meals will be served in person by our kitchen staff.

8. You are free to order from outside but under strict precautionary guidelines.

9. If you are allowed to go outside (based on the curfew laws etc) you must always wash hands and your footwear before entering the house. Strictly no footwear in the house.

10. Once you have checked out, your room will be disinfected with all linen washed in hot water.

11. Our staff will also ensure multiple Surface cleaning and disinfectant rounds per day. They maybe wearing masks and gloves most times or as deemed reasonable based on the hotel operations.

12. We will also be limiting the number of guests at any one time. This means running the premises at 60% occupancy maximum. This combined with the Covid-19 prevention measures will make our hotel rooms more expensive than others but this is to ensure all parties are considered and cared for.

13. We are also accepting private functions such as birthday parties, wedding engagements, wedding registrations in Colombo during and after Covid-19 but in all such instances the hotel will be closed for stay in customers. Special event reservations will only be accommodated for days in which there are no existing bookings for accommodation.


We sincerely hope these measures make you consider Foozoo for your stay in Colombo during and after Covid-19. We hope you continue to travel and spread a message of hope and resilience so that we can all overcome this together.


Love. Light. Gratitude.


Team Foozoo


Colombo life during Covid-19

Life as we have known it will probably never be what it was. Even here in Sri Lanka, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is striking all areas of our lives. And as we strive to find a sense of normalcy, we are realising that a lot of what we had back then is possible, subject to certain conditions and changes in behaviour.

One aspect of our lives that has really changed is the socialising. And for a culture and people that love a celebration to get us through, we have to re look at how we conduct a birthday celebration, a wedding registration or an engagement. A home may not be the right place to have a gathering and a large hotel might be both expensive and the chances of exposure would be high.

Foozoo is ready and safe for your private functions

This is why the twin properties of Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo in Colombo 05 would be the ideal spaces for private functions during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

The spaces are relatively modest in size to accommodate up to 25 persons. Both properties combined can accommodate a larger number of persons. We have continued to operate the premises right through curfew and have worked with the police, government officials and public health sector personnel. This has given us a lot of training and experience to deal with the unique complications.

When you reserve the space with us for a private function during Covid-19 in Colombo, you will need to answer a questionnaire on the nature of the event and share the guest list. We will then work with you to set up the space, exclusively for you and have staff ready to facilitate hygiene and prevention methods. From hand washing stations to free reusable masks, availability of hand sanitiser, pre-event disinfecting, footwear storage and post event disinfecting are all taken care of.

It’s time for more intimate and meaningful celebrations

You can also work with us on the menu and decor. We offer onsite parking and a host of other facilities. Now at Foozoo you have the private space for a birthday party, private dining, wedding registration or any other small function during and after the Covid-19 situation.

Please get in touch with us to have a meaningful, intimate, safe and responsible private event come to life.

Together we can overcome and we are here to serve you even better.



Introducing the one week tour of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a surprisingly diverse island with so much to see and do. Its abundant wildlife has earned it a reputation as the best location for a Safari outside Africa. Its history runs back thousands of years and has temples and ruined cities that rival the best such destinations in the world. Sri Lanka cuisine is fast becoming a popular choice for its vegan friendly options. Plus it has been influenced from cultures ranging from Africa to Arabia, Europe to India and China. And that’s just the tip of this tropical iceberg.

7 nights and 8 days of island magic

For any tour operator who actually knows what Sri Lanka has to offer, the task of fitting all this wonder into a compact 7 night can be an arduous task. But we have risen to the challenge with this fantastic tour that captures the very essence of the island.

So much more than a tour package

However what sets this One week tour of Sri Lanka apart is the local insights and personality we bring. Unlike larger well established companies, we draw up our tours and execute them with love. By bring in a Tour Manager who will become a friend to you on this tour, you get to experience Sri Lanka on intimate and authentic terms. With us it is not about sticking to schedules and ticking boxes. It is about letting you immerse in the island’s magic. And with a 50% of our customers returning for a follow up tour, we have set a high benchmark in the involvement, quality and service.

Our One week tour of Sri Lanka comes in three price packages ranging from budget friendly to High end indulgence. Drop us a message and get started on a week in paradise. A week that is sure to change your life.

Introducing the 7 night tour of Sri Lanka for the Gay Traveller

Island Spell by Foozoo Travel is a wonderfully crafted package tour that covers most of the have to see hot spots in Sri Lanka. This 7 night tour of Sri Lanka for the Gay Traveller features an LGBT tour guide, LGBT friendly hotels and a farewell dinner with participation from the local LGBT community.


7 nights and 8 days of fantastic destinations

The tour starts on the coastal town of Negombo which is LGBT friendly town. It has a host of fun bars and cafes and will offer you one of your first stunning Sri Lankan sunsets. The tour then hits the road and heads towards the historic parts. Stops include visits to the beautiful Dambulla Rock Cave Complex and the iconic Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress.

The 7 night tour of Sri Lanka for the Gay Traveller then makes it way up country and into the hills of Kandy. Here you will be treated to a fun exploration of Kandy town and a visit to the famous and spiritual Temple of the Tooth.

The tour then descends to the beaches of Galle. Here you will enjoy a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Galle Dutch Fort. A visit to Bewis Bawa’s home and gardens with its gay theme is also an inclusion.


So much more than a package tour

The tour will also feature numerous stops for local street food, interaction with locals and culture, photo ops and will be handled by your local best friend – who happens to be a tour manager. The way Foozoo Travel handles your tour will make it feel like a real holiday with all logistics and hassles taken care of. The tour package is available in 03 price grades with the high end Indulge package including a domestic flight from Kandy to Galle. The tour makes the best sense when you travel as a group (of at least 4) as the prices become super attractive. Foozoo Travel is also happy to fine tune this tour around your specific requirements and interests.


It’s time for Cricket in Paradise

The dates for the England Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2020 are fast approaching. And Foozoo Travel has just released the England Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2020 Travel Packages. “It’s safe, it’s secure, Sri Lanka is completely back to normal and we’re looking forward to welcoming more and more visitors from around the world, says former Test Cricket captain, Kumar Sangakkara. With tourists arrivals returning to normal, this cricket season is going to be exciting and well supported by the local fans and the returning Barmy Army.

Two test matches with infinite fun and excitement

England Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2020 Travel Packages cover both the scheduled Test Matches. The first test match between the visiting English team happens at the Galle International Stadium from the 19th to the 23rd of March. The second Test Match is scheduled to kick off on the 27th of March at the R Premadasa International Stadium, just north of Colombo City.

The travel itinerary that has been meticulously drawn up and offers the best Sri Lankan cricket experience from start to end. Your tour will start with a grand welcome at the Colombo (Bandaranaike) International Airport. You will then be whisked off to the southern coastal resort of Galle where you will spend your arrival night and the next 5 nights. This time spans the duration of the first test match between England and Sri Lanka. Time here will also be dedicated for a bit of exploring and experiencing Sri Lankan life and travel sites in Galle. The following three days will see you embark on a fantastic road trip. This will include a wildlife Safari, time in nature, a hike, train rides, a visit to a tea estate and time at the famous Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.

England Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2020 Travel Packages will then see you transferred to Colombo to enjoy the gentleman’s game at the R Premadasa Stadium. This time will also be accentuated with activities that cover a guided tour of Colombo, cooking classes and a farewell dinner as well as an after-party.

Customise this tour to fit your time and preferences

Anyone interested in the England Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2020 Travel Packages can speak to Foozoo Travel to have it customised to add more dates at the start or the end. The dynamic team will happily customise this holiday to fit your discerning tastes and love of the game.

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Mahasen by Foozoo is a popular Colombo Guesthouse that is also owned by the Foozoo Group of Companies. It expertly blends the fun atmosphere of a hostel with a homely vibe for a truly unique guesthouse experience. Each of the 8 rooms on the property is individually designed and tell a story. The common areas which include the rooftop terrace, garden and dining areas is where everyone comes together to play music, engage in fun chatter or smoke up and chill.


Mahasen by Foozoo is also an LGBT welcoming guesthouse in Colombo. It has continued to support Colombo Pride and is a great place to meet like-minded people as it is safe and welcoming to gay and lesbian people in Sri Lanka. It is also a much-loved stopover for single ladies, couples and families as is clear from all the fantastic reviews.


In collaboration with Foozoo Travel, Mahasen by Foozoo offers train ticket reservations in Sri Lanka, guided tours and airport transfers. They also offer cooking classes in Colombo, The Colombo Guided Shopping Tour and the well-connected team are always happy to help you network and meet the right locals for the right job. So if you are visiting Sri Lanka for business, art or activism, chances are that the duo of Dinesh and Damith will help you by making the right connections.


Mahasen by Foozoo is also run with a deep respect for nature and the environment. From offering a water dispenser to discourage the use of plastic water bottles to encouraging communal spaces that reduce the need for individual resources, Mahasen by Foozoo is a Colombo guesthouse that strives to make a difference. The core team are also heavily involved with rainforest protection, animal welfare and human rights (particularly that of LGBT rights and equality.)


Mahasen by Foozoo is also a pet-friendly guesthouse in Colombo


Babar Point Arugam Bay


  • An amazing ambience that mixes a vibrant setting with a cosy homely feel
  • Train ticket reservations in Sri Lanka
  • Airport transfers from Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo
  • Delightfully and individually designed guestrooms
  • LGBT Friendly guesthouse in Colombo /Gay-friendly Colombo guesthouse
  • Pet-friendly guesthouse in Colombo
  • Custom Tours to Sri Lanka
  • Cooking lessons in Colombo
  • Colombo Guided Shopping Tour

Whale watching by air in Sri Lanka – A win-win for the whales and you.

At Fozoo Travel we always seek out sustainable ways in which Sri Lanka and its magic can be explored. With the waters off Sri Lankan being considered some of the best in the world to see all kinds of whales, the demand for whale watching tours have been staggering. Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Mirissa all offer a multitude of whale watching excursions. Unfortunately this means heavy traffic in those areas frequented by whales.

A lot of travellers are put off by the experience when you see far too many boats and the environment is being polluted by fuel fumes, smoke and noise pollution. More importantly, all this traffic is distressing to the gentle giants and maine life in general. This is why Aerial tours for whale watching are a spark of genius!

Flight details

We work with a provider that offers two Cessna 172 aircrafts and engage in whale watching excursions that are safe for both you and the whales. Flights operate from Koggala airport (arrivals/departures via Koggala Air Force Camp) with scheduled flights starting from, 8.00 am to 3.30 pm

Ticket cost per person is $150 ($100 per kid between age 3-14) and the flight will be 45 minutes.

All content here is courtesy of pir partner F-airways.

“Long advocated by marine biologists, the aerial tours have the benefit of not disturbing whales in their natural habitat, which is a worrying trend in Sri Lanka, where dozens of vessels chase down whales and create a large stress burden for the world’s largest mammals, in addition to marine pollution from lubricants and fuel. As compared to a 4-5 hour trip by boat, the aerial excursion takes just one hour and can also operate when sea surface conditions are not ideal for boat journeys” – Daily FT

“Whales are generally located between 5 to 15 nautical miles (8 to 25 km) off the coast and as we fly overhead amidst a cluster of tourist boats below – also on the same whale-watching expedition – we spot a blue whale. The boats are closing in like a race, the fastest to get there gets the best (camera) shot. We drop down to 700 feet and clearly see a large, majestic blue whale squirting water as it breathes on the surface of the water. As everyone up and down scramble for their long-range cameras, another one is spotted. Then at different times, single and whales moving in groups are spotted or breaking away probably due to the sounds, gliding through the turquoise blue waters. It’s easier to see them from the top as small aircrafts are less noisy than boats. As a boat nears one, the whale takes a huge dive and sinks into the ocean without a trace. Sanjaya says it would take 10 to 15 minutes for that creature to surface again because it dives to the depth of the ocean before rising.” – Sunday Times

To find out more about Whales, and the amazing work done by Sri Lankan Marine Biologist, Asha De Vos, please visit Oceanswell: www.ashadevos.com