East coast quietness amidst charming people

Batticaloa is a major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, and its former capital. It is the Administrative capital of the Batticaloa District. Pasikudah is popular tourist destination northwest with beaches and flat year-round warm-water shallow-lagoons.

Batticaloa is in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka on a flat coastal plain boarded by the Indian Ocean in the east occupies a central part of the eastern Sri Lanka. Its average elevation is around 5 meters. Batticaloa district has three lagoons such as Batticaloa Lagoon, Valaichchenai Lagoon, and Vakari (Panichchankerni) Lagoon. Among these lagoon, Batticaloa Lagoon is the largest. There are several islands within the Batticaloa Lagoon such as Puliayantheevu, Buffalo Island and Bone Island. Many bridges are built across the lagoon connecting the landmasses and the islands.Batticaloa has a tropical wet and dry climate. From March to May, the warmest time of the year, the maximum temperature averages around 32 degrees Celsius

In 1942, during World War II, the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and escorting destroyer HMAS Vampire were stationed at Trincomalee. Both these ships came under Japanese aerial attack off Batticaloa and were sunk. Some of the remnants of HMS Hermes still remain at around 9 nautical miles (17 km) off Batticaloa


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