Select a travel partner that cares about the destination

October 13, 2018   |   Dinesh Perera

With every successful tour we get to showcase the beauty of our island home. But with it we also bring visitors that add to the demand on resources and enhances the requirement for more development. While this means our Foozoo family earns a decent wage and our communities prosper, we cannot be complacent of the effects on our environment. This is why we care, offer solutions and keep the long-term sustainable aspect alive in everything we do.


For a team that is involved in reforestation, reducing waste and single use plastic, working with local communities and safeguarding an animals right to freedom, the sustainability aspect of our business is more than a buzzword. It is a philosophy we live by and a way of life we champion. 


You can read more about this in our section titled ‘Ethical and Sustainable’ and discover how each tour integrates ‘sustainability’ to its core experience.

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