Colombo Guided Shopping Tour
Colombo Guided Shopping Tour

For most visitors, Colombo is a drive through destination with the obligatory one night stop at most. This treatment of the Capital city could have been justified during the war years when hardly any night life or culture existed. But boy have things changed since then. Today the city is marked by ever rising skyscrapers, quaint restaurants and trippy hangouts. And there’s loads of interesting shopping to engage in too. Now of course Colombo does not compare with the big shopping destinations in the region. However this is also Colombo’s charm. And this is also a city that is spread out, holding secrets that are mostly known to the discerning local shopper. Unravelling all this and presenting it all in a fun filled yet focused experience is what the Colombo Guided Shopping Tour is all about.

Shopping may not be on the top of the priority list for a visiting traveler. And while most people spend considerable amounts of time traveling through the island they are also bound to have picked up the odd souvenir, bags of wholesale tea, gems and spices. Colombo is none of these things. Instead it offers a distinct Colombo-esque array of goods that cannot be found elsewhere. So the Colombo Guided Shopping Tour is not taking you to a long list of shops that one can easily find with a few Google searches. But will take you to the right place in a bargain market or the right designer if you are looking for fashion. The right jewelery store if you are looking for something unique and the right tea shop if you are looking for an indulgent experience. Some of these haunts are not even listed online and are private ventures known among Colombo society.

While you can purchase the Colombo Guided Shopping Tour off the rack for a fixed price, the actual tour is streamlined to fit the responses on a questionnaire. Here you can select what you are after; fashion, gems, handicrafts, lifestyle, food products etc. We then inquire as to what your budgets are, what your interests are and so on. This allows us to get an idea about the kind of shopper you are. And a fresh more customized list is created around you. If you are traveling as a group this will consider your group requirements. All other times these tours will be handled solo or for a couple and be an authentic experience. One that is made fun by featuring distinctly local snacks into the mix. This tour is a full day tour and can also be considered as an alternate tour of Colombo city itself. If you are not particular about landmarks and tourist attractions, the Colombo Guided Shopping Tour works out to be an immersive experience of Colombo life. Even for a day.

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