Colombo Pride promises to be a colourful statement in a country that still holds onto British Colonial era laws.

Foozoo Travel is proud to be associated with Colombo Pride 2018

“Throughout Pride month, and in our daily lives, the LGBTIQ community is reminded that in Sri Lanka, one cannot enjoy Pride as most countries do. There are no large Pride marches on the streets of Colombo. Instead, Pride in Sri Lanka carefully celebrates our lives and who we are by holding a series of events that draw attention to the natural complexities and simplicity of LGBTIQ lives in this country. Draconian laws still remain in Sri Lanka and homosexuality is still illegal causing much damage to our society gay and straight alike.” – Rosanna Flamer-Caldera of Equal Ground

Colombo Pride is happening again this June and every year it seems it’s getting bigger and brighter. A fun pride party, an exciting city tour by bus and a kite festival have all become staples of the Colombo Pride calendar. And this year there are a host of other events to add to it. See details in the event calendar.

Beyond the fun activities and the intellectual conversations surrounding Colombo Pride, looms the unfortunate fact that British era laws criminalising homosexuality still exist. This combined with cultural stigma and general misinformation have resulted in profound unfair treatment befalling the island’s LGBTIQ community. Harassment and blackmail, violence and discrimination, rejection and humiliation continue to haunt the community affecting their lives, social structures and economic welfare. Global statistics point out that up to 10% of a population will be made of those who are LGBTIQ. Yet despite their contribution to every facet of life and the combined economy, Sri Lanka’s LGBTIQ community continues to be stepped upon and ignored. This is why Pride events are important. They give visibility to a community and demand that their stories be heard, represented and respected.

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka’s private sector has been extremely backward in their views and actions on this matter. And this is particular sad when some of their global counterparts are actively embracing diversity and best practices in human rights. LGBTIQ rights are human rights and there is no reason, ground or ethic to think or behave otherwise.

This is why we are particularly proud to be associated with Colombo Pride 2018. In the first year of its operation, Foozoo Travel has represented Sri Lanka at IGLTA 2018, trained LGBTIQ Staff in hospitality and put Sri Lanka on the map of the discerning gay traveller. Foozoo Travel also commits to continuously support and welfare of the island’s LGBTIQ community.


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