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If you ever meet the Foozoo team, Damith or Dinesh in particular, you will realise that a bigger passion lies in making a difference. The hotel has already brought about so many new friendships and seen guests return as friends to simply spend time or work on community projects. Foozoo Travel guests continue to network and support Foozoo and the work in supports in turn. Here are just a few of the key projects Foozoo supports and you too can be a part of them.

WeForUs - Damith

Sri Lanka is no longer a poor country. The end of the war has made economic prosperity a reality for some and given hope to many. However, hundreds and thousands of people continue to live in terrible conditions which are aggravated by medical and physical ailments. With increasing costs of medicine and transportation, seeking medical support has become a luxury for most of these people. We For Us focuses mostly on children and adults who are physically impaired and unable to move. But providing a basic wheelchair gives them a huge lease of life. With mobility they are less dependent on others and can get to hospitals, schools, community centres a lot more easily.

A wheelchair costs a mere Rs.10,000 and as of March 2018 We for us, a community group in which Damith is an active player has managed to donate over 10 wheelchairs and transform lives. You too can be a part by simply getting in touch with us.

Rainforest Protectors - Damith

An active environmentalist who is a driving force behind most of today’s environmental protection programmes, Damith has by default become a poster boy for a planet conscious consumer. He works out, eats healthy, is conscious of his consumer footprint, a lover of animals and above all a warrior that fights for nature and the environment. He is a part of many groups but one in which both Dinesh and the Foozoo family plays an important role is ‘Reforest Protectors’.

Under this programme, large swathes of land abandoned, ruined by unscrupulous companies or destroyed for various reasons are being replanted with new saplings. And it is not as easy as it sounds. Plants and volunteers need to be transported to the planting areas which are hundreds of miles away. Food and lodging needs to be provided for the day’s work and sometimes overnight stays. Plants and equipment needs to be moved to higher elevations, wild grass needs to be removed and the land needs to be prepared for the planting process. The plants then need to be protected from wild animals and harsh natural elements. It takes over three years for a plant to take hold and flourish.

More and more of our Foozoo guests and customers join in this venture which is an act of kindness to our planet and a way of giving back. A real lesson in how hard it is to plant a forest and how easy it is to destroy one. With overnight camping, baths in waterfalls, meeting interesting and passionate people, the Rainforest Protectors programme is more than just planting trees. It’s the birth of a growing movement.

You too can be a part of this as a volunteer, support us with equipment or simply spread the word. A special tour has also been developed and incorporates a day of tree planting and a visit to Sinharaja rainforest.

Accept Sri Lanka – Dinesh

Acceptance of LGBT people around the world has come about with more awareness and understanding. Factual knowledge, media presentations, role models, have all helped breakdown ignorance, social prejudices, misinformation and so on. While homosexuality continues to be illegal in Sri Lanka, It is hardly a law that is enforced. The bigger issue is social and cultural. All of which can be overcome by providing people with the right information, to educate them on the different angles of the story and making LGBT people more visible. Unfortunately, most of such information is only available in English. Accept Sri Lanka’s sole aim is to make such information available in the vernacular.

By translating important documents, of medical, historical, legal and social value into Sinhala and Tamil, a lot of these views and actual facts can be communicated and thereby creating a society that better understands of what it means to be LGBT. This canbreak downp breakdown false ideas and misconceptions. The process is tedious and so far Dinesh has done this through personal funds. But Foozoo Travel is now channelling some funds to presenting these stories in Sinhala and Tamil. In the past it has used local celebrities to speak up about this topic.

You too can play a part by simply sharing valuable information with us or by funding a translation project which is just Rs.750 per page. Accept Sri Lanka is also working towards creating an info graphic and video animation based awareness campaign that can be published online for wide sharing.

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