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Mahasen by Foozoo is a popular Colombo Guesthouse that is also owned by the Foozoo Group of Companies. It expertly blends the fun atmosphere of a hostel with a homely vibe for a truly unique guesthouse experience. Each of the 8 rooms on the property is individually designed and tell a story. The common areas which include the rooftop terrace, garden and dining areas is where everyone comes together to play music, engage in fun chatter or smoke up and chill.


Mahasen by Foozoo is also an LGBT welcoming guesthouse in Colombo. It has continued to support Colombo Pride and is a great place to meet like-minded people as it is safe and welcoming to gay and lesbian people in Sri Lanka. It is also a much-loved stopover for single ladies, couples and families as is clear from all the fantastic reviews.


In collaboration with Foozoo Travel, Mahasen by Foozoo offers train ticket reservations in Sri Lanka, guided tours and airport transfers. They also offer cooking classes in Colombo, The Colombo Guided Shopping Tour and the well-connected team are always happy to help you network and meet the right locals for the right job. So if you are visiting Sri Lanka for business, art or activism, chances are that the duo of Dinesh and Damith will help you by making the right connections.


Mahasen by Foozoo is also run with a deep respect for nature and the environment. From offering a water dispenser to discourage the use of plastic water bottles to encouraging communal spaces that reduce the need for individual resources, Mahasen by Foozoo is a Colombo guesthouse that strives to make a difference. The core team are also heavily involved with rainforest protection, animal welfare and human rights (particularly that of LGBT rights and equality.)


Mahasen by Foozoo is also a pet-friendly guesthouse in Colombo


Mahasen by Foozoo


  • An amazing ambience that mixes a vibrant setting with a cosy homely feel
  • Train ticket reservations in Sri Lanka
  • Airport transfers from Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo
  • Delightfully and individually designed guestrooms
  • LGBT Friendly guesthouse in Colombo /Gay-friendly Colombo guesthouse
  • Pet-friendly guesthouse in Colombo
  • Custom Tours to Sri Lanka
  • Cooking lessons in Colombo
  • Colombo Guided Shopping Tour


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