Disability travel packages to Sri Lanka.

“Helping you access, paradise”
Why should your disability be a barrier to
experience the magic of Sri Lanka?

Travel is an experience that enhances the quality of your life and we do not see why your disability should be a barrier to experience the magic of Sri Lanka. Our team will work closely with you and identify your interests and passions and develop a tour that allows you to realise it all. Through our network and in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka, we will identify places to visit, hotels to stay and the best modes of transport. Our friendly staff will be your best friend and facilitator at every step of the journey from airport pickup to drop.

We are also capable of handling unique disabilities, single disability travels or even a group.

We find great joy in being a part of your journey and being inspired by your own will to overcome the difficulties you face daily.

One of our ongoing CSR projects also revolve around collecting funds and providing financial and other assistance to Sri Lankans who are disabled, are persevering but sadly constrained by lack of resources or access. We are happy to have transformed the lives of 4 such individuals over the last few months by providing wheelchairs and other support.

“Disability Travel is thus a definite example of
  our own philosophy at work”