Ethical and Sustainable

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We are travellers ourselves. We love to head out to unknown places and be moved by their magic. But often times we see the most beautiful of places destroyed by travellers who do not think about those will come after them or the people, environment and nature that makes these places, attractions in the first place. Although we are small company, we place a huge value on doing our business with the least harm.

Ethical and sustainable travel

to Sri Lanka Our approach

Firstly though we are a new kid on the scene. And we are in the process of learning as we go. But we strive to make sustainability a cornerstone of our business.

For starts, we consider the sustainability aspect of our partners. We only include large hotels who have a proven track history of being environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable in their operations. Where such information is lacking, especially with the smaller hotel partners, we make it a point to ask and be aware of their own practices before including them in our plans.

Experiential travel is one of our unique propositions and this also requires us to work with multiple partners. Here too we are wary of the effects of these on local communities and the environment. We have, therefore, tried out these ourselves to assess the quality and impact. Only those activities that are in line with our philosophy are added to plans.

We also make it a point to highlight those hotels and experiences that have thought things through and are unique as a result.

Foozoo Sustainability

Based on personal convictions and passions

And in our personal capacities, we are involved with numerous projects that cover reforestation, animal welfare and disability support as well as employing and working with marginalised groups of people such as disabled and those from the LGBT community.

We are also working towards all on ground travel through electric vehicles and introducing reusable items such as metal cutlery, glass bottles and other items that will reduce the carbon footprint of travel done with us.