Cleaner than we found it

Cleaner than we found it!

Foozoo Travel invites its customers to join in the cleaning.

As a place gets popular, the crowds converge and with it the trash. We have seen this sad story repeat over and over again. Beautiful scenery, water ways, forests and natural habitat is ruined with irresponsible tourists (sadly more local than foreign) leaving their trash behind. So we asked ourselves, wouldn’t it be nice if we could visit a place, take in its beauty and leave it untouched?
This question led us to a simple solution.

We give all our Foozoo Travel customers a simple bag made of fair-trade fabric. It’s light and is lined with a fabric you can remove. Every time a customer visits a park or goes on a hike, we encourage them to take this bag with them and pick up some of the trash on the way to and back.

The bags inner fabric pouch can then be tossed along with the trash into a proper garbage disposal site. This means you can keep the bag to do the same elsewhere or simply use it for another purpose.

This simple act sends out a message to others who are also visiting these beautiful places and we hope your actions will inspire them to also clean up as they go!