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Authentic and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka.
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Travel is our passion and we consider it a privilege to be able to define it according to our own philosophy.

Foozoo was founded by two friends who identify as LGBTIQ way back in 2016. The business first started out as a bed and breakfast and by 2019 we had grown to offer 20 rooms in Colombo and Tour Services.  The Easter attacks in 2019 and two years of grappling with the Covid 19 Pandemic changed things considerably for us. And today we operate as soulsrilanka.travel

Soul Sri Lanka is operated by Foozoo Founder Dinesh Perera and is focused on doing LGBTIQ travel in a more meaningful and impactful way.

How we are different

  • 100% Locally owned. We ensure maximum benefit of travel stays with local communities who have been battered by multiple negative events.
  • Strong Local LGBTIQ community involvement. We give the rightful place for local communities in LGBTIQ travel, training and growth.
  • Presenting Sri Lanka as a destination that could transform your life – We bring out the healing essence of the island for your benefit
  • Mindful & Sustainable Travel – We ensure that every aspect of our holiday has been vetted for its impact on local communities and environment.

Travel is not easy on the planet. But through mindful, sustainable and ethical practices we can make travel good for everyone. While most LGBTIQ+ tour operators focus on destinations, activities and partying, we work on making every Sri Lankan Holiday a transformative one.  Where experiences are curated around your interests and presented meaningfully, where we discourage practices where animals and communities get hurt and explain and offer sustainable and ethical alternatives, where we bring out the spirit of the island so you connect with our history, culture, nature in a holistic manner.

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