One week tour of Sri Lanka
One week tour of Sri Lanka

Introducing the one week tour of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a surprisingly diverse island with so much to see and do. Its abundant wildlife has earned it a reputation as the best location for a Safari outside Africa. Its history runs back thousands of years and has temples and ruined cities that rival the best such destinations in the world. Sri Lanka cuisine is fast becoming a popular choice for its vegan friendly options. Plus it has been influenced from cultures ranging from Africa to Arabia, Europe to India and China. And that’s just the tip of this tropical iceberg.

7 nights and 8 days of island magic

For any tour operator who actually knows what Sri Lanka has to offer, the task of fitting all this wonder into a compact 7 night can be an arduous task. But we have risen to the challenge with this fantastic tour that captures the very essence of the island.

So much more than a tour package

However what sets this One week tour of Sri Lanka apart is the local insights and personality we bring. Unlike larger well established companies, we draw up our tours and execute them with love. By bring in a Tour Manager who will become a friend to you on this tour, you get to experience Sri Lanka on intimate and authentic terms. With us it is not about sticking to schedules and ticking boxes. It is about letting you immerse in the island’s magic. And with a 50% of our customers returning for a follow up tour, we have set a high benchmark in the involvement, quality and service.

Our One week tour of Sri Lanka comes in three price packages ranging from budget friendly to High end indulgence. Drop us a message and get started on a week in paradise. A week that is sure to change your life.


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