Private function space in Colombo during Covid-19
Private function space during Covid-19 Colombo

Colombo life during Covid-19

Life as we have known it will probably never be what it was. Even here in Sri Lanka, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is striking all areas of our lives. And as we strive to find a sense of normalcy, we are realising that a lot of what we had back then is possible, subject to certain conditions and changes in behaviour.

One aspect of our lives that has really changed is the socialising. And for a culture and people that love a celebration to get us through, we have to re look at how we conduct a birthday celebration, a wedding registration or an engagement. A home may not be the right place to have a gathering and a large hotel might be both expensive and the chances of exposure would be high.

Foozoo is ready and safe for your private functions

This is why the twin properties of Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo in Colombo 05 would be the ideal spaces for private functions during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

The spaces are relatively modest in size to accommodate up to 25 persons. Both properties combined can accommodate a larger number of persons. We have continued to operate the premises right through curfew and have worked with the police, government officials and public health sector personnel. This has given us a lot of training and experience to deal with the unique complications.

When you reserve the space with us for a private function during Covid-19 in Colombo, you will need to answer a questionnaire on the nature of the event and share the guest list. We will then work with you to set up the space, exclusively for you and have staff ready to facilitate hygiene and prevention methods. From hand washing stations to free reusable masks, availability of hand sanitiser, pre-event disinfecting, footwear storage and post event disinfecting are all taken care of.

It’s time for more intimate and meaningful celebrations

You can also work with us on the menu and decor. We offer onsite parking and a host of other facilities. Now at Foozoo you have the private space for a birthday party, private dining, wedding registration or any other small function during and after the Covid-19 situation.

Please get in touch with us to have a meaningful, intimate, safe and responsible private event come to life.

Together we can overcome and we are here to serve you even better.