Here are the reasons why Foozoo is your safe space in Colombo during and after Covid-19
Safe hotel in Colombo with health precautions during Covid-19

Our two properties in Colombo have been open right throughout the Pandemic. And we have served quite a few guests out of a desire to be helpful and available. The initial stages were particularly difficult for a lot of visitors to Sri Lanka because there were a lot of new rules and they were ever changing. But in the process of helping out a few tourists and having provided care to an even smaller number throughout the crisis, we have learned some valuable lessons that easily make us one of the safest properties in Colombo both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are the steps we take at both Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo and have been drawn up after working with local authorities, law enforcement officials and public health inspectors. Of course these may change from time to time. Some requirements and practices maybe relaxed while new ones may be introduced. So do check with us.

1. Background check on each guests travel records. You will need to speak to us directly on +94717174444 or +94112507270 or email us through and let us know the duration of your stay. We encourage longer stays because that minimises the level of exposure with the premises. We will also check your recent travel history and ensure you are not from an area that has been under enforced lockdown.

2. You will also need to confirm if you or a loved on or any persons you have recently associated has been in quarantine or poses a reason for concern.

3. We will then record your contact details (so that we can always trace back if needed) and confirm your booking.

4. On arrival you will be required to use the hand-washing station and wash your hands and the soles of your footwear before any further interaction with staff or fellow guests.

5. Masks are mandatory within the property. A complimentary mask is provided free to each guest at check in. Hand sanitisers and hand washing liquid is available throughout the property.

6. After clearing formalities you will be checked in to your room. At this point we deem that you are covid19-free assuming you have been genuine with the information provided. But standard social distancing practices and precautions are encouraged during your stay.

7.  You can order from the in-house kitchen where supplies are sourced through non-contact means. The interactions between those within the premises and those outside are maintained to the minimum possible. This applies to everything from utilities, maintenance services, breakdowns and general deliveries. All meals will be served in person by our kitchen staff.

8. You are free to order from outside but under strict precautionary guidelines.

9. If you are allowed to go outside (based on the curfew laws etc) you must always wash hands and your footwear before entering the house. Strictly no footwear in the house.

10. Once you have checked out, your room will be disinfected with all linen washed in hot water.

11. Our staff will also ensure multiple Surface cleaning and disinfectant rounds per day. They maybe wearing masks and gloves most times or as deemed reasonable based on the hotel operations.

12. We will also be limiting the number of guests at any one time. This means running the premises at 60% occupancy maximum. This combined with the Covid-19 prevention measures will make our hotel rooms more expensive than others but this is to ensure all parties are considered and cared for.

13. We are also accepting private functions such as birthday parties, wedding engagements, wedding registrations in Colombo during and after Covid-19 but in all such instances the hotel will be closed for stay in customers. Special event reservations will only be accommodated for days in which there are no existing bookings for accommodation.


We sincerely hope these measures make you consider Foozoo for your stay in Colombo during and after Covid-19. We hope you continue to travel and spread a message of hope and resilience so that we can all overcome this together.


Love. Light. Gratitude.


Team Foozoo