Security Detail Update for those arriving at the Colombo International Airport

Helpful information for visitors to Sri Lanka
(Updated as new information is received).  This is for those seeking information on arrivals at the Bandaranaike International Airport after Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka.

  • Ayubowan and welcome to Sri Lanka. Our sincere hospitality is legendary but in these difficult times we are truly awed by your decision to visit us. When they want to disrupt our way of life, our dreams and our simple joys, your arrival tells them loud and clear, that you nor we will be cowed down.
  • The enhanced security protocols mostly come into play once you clear customs. After collecting your bags and walk out the doors into the arrival lounge you will be presented with a large waiting area with numerous stalls. Previously you could have a person waiting for you here but now access is very limited.
  • Given the drastic security changes it is strongly advised that you organize your transfer with the hotel. There was a system in place but a lot of it has changed and we have not had enough time to adjust to offer a high level of service or efficiency.
  • If you are booked in with us or a major hotel, a relevant representative will be available to escort you to your car. If you are booked with us and have organized a transfer, look for our representative holding a name board with the given name.
  • If you are arriving on your own, you can use the services of the officially cleared taxi services operating from within the arrival lounge.
  • All passengers will be escorted out of the airport through a shuttle service. This is a new feature. Make sure you hold onto your valuables and travel documents.
  • There is a host of taxi services out there but they are known to overcharge so do your research in advance and make sure you are advised on what is a good price. The bus station is a few km and it is best that you take a tuk-tuk there. However it is best to avoid public transport from and to the airport when it is dark and services are limited.
  • Always make it a point to avoid crowded areas. When using public transport be alert to suspicious activity or parcels. The various security forces of Sri Lanka are doing a fantastic job in keeping us safe since the attacks but every little bit of alertness and care does help.
  • Travel times to your hotel vary depending on the time and mode of travel. Please be aware that curfews might be imposed (especially at night) and your driver may need to call over at a police (briefly) for security clearance.

The Tourism Police Number is, +94 112 421 052 or dial 119 for emergencies

If you wish to get a local phone connection, we recommend that you do it from the arrival lounge

We hope you enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka to the maximum.
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