Sigiriya Village Tour

Discover the secrets of Galle Fort on a fascinating tour with Shanjei

The Galle Fort is a visual metaphor for Sri Lankan history. Ancient Sri Lankan culture collides with colonial architecture in ways that can only be described as mystical. It is why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a favourite among tourists coming to Sri Lanka, today and in days past. Our Galle Fort Tours are carried out in partnership with Shanjei.

Shanjei is a former advertising executive from Colombo who quit his job after being intrigued by the magic and mystery Galle Fort had to offer and a desire to not be confined to the concrete jungle of Colombo. His tours are interactive, fun with decidedly less history and more story. Want to learn more about the little nooks and crannies that make Galle Fort less a fort and more a home for its many residents? What about the many cultures that mingle seamlessly within the fort’s confines? Its people? Then this tour is for you.

Standard Tour

90 min tour: The best way to get a quick outlook on the UNESCO world heritage site. This conversation will bring you highlights that best suit your interest in the fort. From Architecture, culture to people, this walk touches all aspects that best define and describe the fort.

Extended Tour

150 min tour: The session covers colonial History, its effect on our Sri Lankan people, the comedy that surrounds colonization, detailed insights on the history of the fort and how it has evolved to be the living site it is, a brief brush with craft and trade and all this ends with the perfect ice tea/ice cream or a sundowner inside the fort.

Night Tour

The night is when the Fort becomes calm and lit up. Walk the cobblestone roads that glitter under the moonlight while having conversations about the Colonial era. You’re lucky if you bump into a ghost, listening to black comedy wielded by a storyteller. Torches for light sabers and you’re guaranteed to feel like a Jedi time-traveling through the 17th Century. Ask yourself, are you afraid of the Dark? This walks end with homemade ice cream or a beer at a layman’s bar which tells an interesting colonial story. Walks starts at 7pm


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