Sri Lanka as a LGBT Destination

Since 2010, every major travel magazine has placed Sri Lanka in their top places to visit lists. The reason it keeps making these lists is not just its natural beauty, spectacular beaches, or 2500 years of history. It has also got to do with its people, who are possibly the most welcoming, hospitable people on the planet. There is a charm and a genuineness with which they will welcome you and share the magic of the island with a sincere pride. A prime reason to consider Sri Lanka as a LGBT destination.

Being an LGBT traveller doesn’t and shouldn’t make a difference to how you experience the magic of this island. But respect, understanding, caring will go a long way in letting you enjoy the journey without compromise. We’ve taken great pains in planning things out so you get to be who you are and enjoy your journey without compromise.

Sri Lanka can also be considered a more private and spiritual journey compared to loud and more popular regional destinations. The Foozoo Travel approach begins with considering your own personality and expectations from the holiday. This means you always travel a route that is inline with your idea of a tropical holiday and spiced up with attributes that are sure to excite the gay traveller.