Sri Lanka as a LGBT Destination

Let your holiday make a positive impact with visibility and community support.

A journey through Paradise with respect and acceptance

Sri Lanka is an LGBT Friendly Destination and Foozoo Travel is your best option to discover the island as a gay or lesbian traveller to Sri Lanka. Since 2010, every major travel magazine has placed Sri Lanka in their top places to visit lists. The reason it keeps making these lists is not just its natural beauty, spectacular beaches, or 2500 years of history.

It has also got to do with its people, who are possibly the most welcoming, hospitable people on the planet. There is a charm and a genuineness with which they will welcome you and share the magic of the island with a sincere pride. A prime reason to consider Sri Lanka as a LGBT destination. Being an LGBT traveller doesn’t and shouldn’t make a difference to how you experience the magic of this island. But respect, understanding, caring will go a long way in letting you enjoy the journey without compromise.

We’ve taken great pains in planning things out so you get to be who you are and enjoy your journey without compromise.

Sri Lanka can also be considered a more private and spiritual journey compared to loud and more popular regional destinations. The Foozoo Travel approach begins with considering your own personality and expectations from the holiday. This means you always travel a route that is inline with your idea of a tropical holiday and spiced up with attributes that are sure to excite the gay traveller.


Travel with us for an
authentic gay experience

All our packages are open to everyone. However if you are a gay traveler, we ensure the experience syncs with you identifying as a gay person. As such we work with you to identify your personality, discuss your likes and interests and build a custom plan around you that incorporates previously trialled and tested hotels, restaurants and experiences. You will travel with an experienced gay or gay friendly Tour Manager on all trips. For group tours we also offer Tour Buddies for added company and local flavour. We host private farewell parties, organise gay or gay friendly masseurs and do our very best to help you get a glimpse of life as a gay person.

Safe, welcoming and fun filled
holidays for the lesbian traveller

Similar to our gay travel planning the custom built plans for lesbian travelers are developed with a team that includes our local lesbian friends. We are particularly mindful of women traveling solo or as couples and ensure a travel experience that is super private and secure.

Here too we first engage in conversations that allow us to understand your personalities, interests, likes and dislikes and design a package that meets these in an authentic manner. We also organise an evening out with some local lesbian friends if that is something you would appreciate.


You will travel with a gay/lesbian or lgbt friendly Tour Manager and stay at places that have all been trialed and proven for their service, authenticity and respect for who you are.

We also handle family holidays for lesbian travelers. Lesbian engagements, Lesbian weddings and any other special event can be organised by us in breathtaking venues, enhanced by the unique and personalised Foozoo touch.


Know the law. Respect the culture.

Acts of homosexuality are illegal in Sri Lanka. Outdated Victorian era laws S365 (unnatural offences) and S365a (gross indecency) are in place. However, prosecutions are very rare. The biggest issue the local community faces is the possible blackmail by police and authorities. You can go to most big pubs and restaurants and be yourself. Still, some basic rules apply and we will share a detailed list of do’s and don’ts with our clients.

When you are using public transport or when in public places, PDA and overtly sexual activity is frowned upon. Not simply because it is gay, but because Sri Lankans (sadly) in general are uncomfortable about Sex as a topic (although it’s quite the opposite in the bedroom). But as a gay traveller we want you to be yourself, so our plans are built around avoiding issues and having a watchful eye over you. Please refer our blogs section for detailed articles on all these aspects or speak to us about discovering Sri Lanka as a LGBT friendly destination with authenticity and heart.

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