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Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of everything you want a holiday to be. Every new turn at every new destination brings forth some new magic to take your breath away. But what is even more fascinating are the authentic experiences you can savour. Experiences that bring you to meet the locals and delve into the many layers of this island like only the locals can.

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Galle Fort Tour

The Galle Fort is a visual metaphor for Sri Lankan history. Ancient Sri Lankan culture collides with colonial architecture in ways that can only be described as mystical. It is why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a favourite among tourists coming to Sri Lanka, today and in days past. Our Galle Fort Tours are c..


Sigiriya Village Tour

It was not too long ago that bullock carts were the mode of transport in Sri Lanka. Crossing rivers and lakes in some parts are still done by rafts. But so much of this has already faded into memories. Meanwhile at home, meals were prepared in slow and laborious ways. Rice was pounded into flour, grains were g..


Whale Watching by air

At Fozoo Travel we always seek out sustainable ways in which Sri Lanka and its magic can be explored. With the waters off Sri Lankan being considered some of the best in the world to see all kinds of whales, the demand for whale watching tours have been staggering. Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Mirissa all offer a m..