Tour Memories

Tour Memories

Following are snapshots from some our memorable tours in 2017. Many places and many new and amazing friends.


Solo guided tour with a two night retreat

Susan & Clare

Family holiday through Sri Lanka


Island Enchantment - 21 day tour of Sri Lanka

Tania & Lgnacio

Island Spell tour of Sri Lanka

Sami Rais

Traveling with friends in paradise

Mark & Mike

Island Magic of Two weeks

Jhon Hawel

A journey of discovery, Paul take on Sri Lanka as a solo traveller


One week in paradise

Ami & Josh

Fun in the mountains on an adventure trail

Sach (Group Tour) - UK

When friends go on a Sri Lankan holiday

Uwe & Maik

A quiet week of bliss in the mountains

Jason & Anna

Friends take on Sri Lanka in cool December

James McSherry

A 21-day luxury tour of Sri Lanka

Greg & Gio

Love and Adventure in Paradise

Man About World

World travellers try out the spice islands